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Shopify, Klaviyo, Facebook

CB Lounge is a women’s leggings company that publishes to Facebook, Shopify and its 70,000 email subscribers. They wanted to increase their publishing output and arranged demos with a few content marketing platforms that promised to help them get more from their growing number of freelance contributors.

The platforms they tried looked great for marketing teams but included lots of features they’d never use. With an editor-to-freelancer ratio of around 1:50, they were hoping to find a system that could automate repetitive manual work, instead of a task management tool that charged a per-seat monthly fee and would require separate training.

Their Managing Editor asked for a system that could bring blog contributors into a community environment where they felt part of the brand. As the person responsible for coordinating the approval process, she wanted complete control over the way assignments made their way from submission to a clear approval queue.

Every blog post had to get sign-off from four departments that wanted to be notified when content was specifically ready for them to check. Their operations team also needed a weekly report of which contributors had to be paid.

After trying a combination of email, texts and manual Venmo transfers, they plotted their exact linear workflow in Camayak and added the writer payments option to their subscription so contributors would be paid automatically when their work was approved.

Two weeks later their process had clicked. Even better; it was also scalable.

Encouraged by the flexibility of the queuing system in Camayak, the team crowdsourced some volunteer proofreaders to help their Managing Editor with tone and style consistency.

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As a greater sense of community developed among contributors, CB Lounge ditched its informal pitch process and invited people to submit ideas through Camayak, too. Pitches which led to approved assignments were another incentive to writers to keep coming up with good ideas. Overnight, they went from getting 1-2 pitches a week to 6-7 every day.

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“It forced us to have the conversation about resources and where we were getting our best content from. Everyone we work with is a lot happier to have things so streamlined and I’ve forgotten how we ever managed without it.”

After a month of using Camayak, CB Lounge developed a new workflow for one of their Community Editors to assemble previous blog posts into their weekly newsletter. Searching for previous work was much easier in Camayak than in any of the other systems they’d tried and they worked with their engineers to devote attention to their new needs.

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CB Lounge is responsible for a number of other features that will also be introduced to Camayak later this year.

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