Organize those approval flows

Escape status-based workflows so our team can move faster.

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Quicker than spreadsheets

Save hours each day

Connected inboxes keep everyone on track

Publish any assignment straight to our CMS

Assign, track & pay writers in minutes

Manage staff in one place

Never send another 1099

Bring costs down with workflow automation

Onboarding without the hassle

Personalized calendars with AI-driven deadlines

Track staff performance

Share feedback in one place

#1 rated support included

Support our best editors

Get a handle on contributor churn

Hit deadlines more often

Why is this better than the free tools we already use?

We built Camayak after we asked ourselves:

How much time do we lose each week, chasing incomplete information about assignments?

How easy is our process for new writers and editors to understand in less than 5 minutes?

How visible is our collaboration to the rest of the team, so they remain motivated?

Since we launched in 2010, we've helped thousands of editors, advisors and contributors get more from their workflows.

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