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Camayak is a perfect tool for agencies that can't afford to let any client work slip through the cracks. With Camayak you can create up to 500 assignments in just a few clicks by uploading a csv of your content strategy.

Agencies need efficient tools that allow them to suddenly take on huge content orders.

As most agencies have a trusted network of writers they work with, assigning work to people and being able to track it throughout the process is vital.

When your content volume is predictable - even stagnant - there isn't much incentive to change how you produce it because, well, it's manageable.

That's when hidden costs just feel like they're part of the job your staff do, in producing the content your clients want.

But when you're growing and you want to protect your team from making mistakes, it's time to get serious about how you're managing your workflow.

Because most editors are expected to just adopt whatever the cheapest, most accessible tools are. And inevitably they end up creating workarounds that become baked-in inefficiencies within your process.

Camayak offers seamless writer-onboarding that means adding people to your team requires no extra training effort whatsoever. And once they're in, tracking their progress is mostly automatic: nobody ever needs to manually update a status again, or remember which folder they have to drop their work into so the rest of the team knows what to do.

With Camayak you can invite hundreds of contributors to your team in one click, and upload a csv file of all your assignments so you can assign your current workload in seconds.

It speeds everything up by:

Giving you templates for every client

Making writer performance transparent to the whole team

Keeping workflow and content together, not separate

If you're looking for more efficiency, you can even pay writers directly through Camayak and avoid having to send out a single 1099 this year.

Why is this better than the free tools we already use?

We built Camayak after we asked ourselves:

How much time do we lose each week, chasing incomplete information about assignments?

How easy is our process for new writers and editors to understand in less than 5 minutes?

How visible is our collaboration to the rest of the team, so they remain motivated?

Since we launched in 2010, we've helped thousands of editors, advisors and contributors get more from their workflows.

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