Managing a content team with high turnover

Producing content can get messy and a robust, easy to understand workflow gives editors the stability they need to withstand staff turnover. 97% of teams that organize their process with Camayak renew their subscriptions each month.

“It's been a revelation for coordinating our staff into a streamlined workflow we can all understand.”

– Steve Wolgast, Kansas State University

Some editors don’t mind the extra work of manual workflow tracking. And not every team needs an operations audit. If you’re a small enough group with a manageable content load, marginal improvements are easier to handle.

But maybe you’re testing new verticals. Or working with different editors to find your core team.

Imagine you can take all that energy and focus it exclusively on great quality content and a motivated team, without constantly questioning your workflow and worrying that something will fall through the cracks.

We know that Camayak works for high-turnover teams because we’ve worked with over 100 college campuses that change up to 120 staff every single semester.


Teams like this get rock solid workflow dependability plus benefits to their daily output:

Less lost work

Better knowledge transfer between staff

Up to 35% more content produced on time

All because Camayak helps editors sustain a more robust assignment workflow compared to cheaper alternatives.

Team leaders get more insights into their assignment workflow than through any other platform.

And teams use Camayak to keep their assignment process transparent, all the way from pitching ideas to writing content, to publishing it to other platforms.

The most popular publishing integration is with WordPress and Camayak’s API also gives your technical team a way to distribute approved work to wherever you like.

Why is this better than the free tools we already use?

We built Camayak after we asked ourselves:

How much time do we lose each week, chasing incomplete information about assignments?

How easy is our process for new writers and editors to understand in less than 5 minutes?

How visible is our collaboration to the rest of the team, so they remain motivated?

Since we launched in 2010, we've helped thousands of editors, advisors and contributors get more from their workflows.

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